[R-SIG-Mac] GDD installation

richard mendes mendes.richard at gmail.com
Wed Nov 30 16:51:52 CET 2005

hello everybody

i really don't know if i should post thist question over here but i
was hoping somebody could help me anyway. I try to install the GDD
package in to R.

i installed the gd library with the underlying jpeg, freetype and png
libraries but R keeps telling me that it can't find libgd but the
installation didn't give any problems.

this is the error R gives.

checking for gdImageCreateFromPng in -lgd... no
configure: error: Can't find libgd!

i was searching in the configure file of GDD that maybe the Pathname
of gd was wrong but i couldnt find it.

does anybody has an idea how to solve this problem

any help is welcome thanx in advance


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