[R-SIG-Mac] Hmisc still not available in binaries

Denis Chabot chabotd at globetrotter.net
Sun May 15 00:22:46 CEST 2005


Many months ago I asked why Hmisc did not show up in binaries  
available for Mac on CRAN. I got answers about it not passing some of  
the tests, and someone (Stefano I think) said he'd look into it. In  
the mean time I had compiled it and the functions I needed did work,  
so there was no rush.

But now that I switched to R 2.1, to Tiger, and to a new Mac, I am no  
longer able to compile. The multiple versions of C available in my  
developer tools make me uncertain as to what fortran I should get,  
for one thing. So I'm taking the lazy way out, did someone compile  
Hmisc for R 2.1 and would be willing to send it to me? Last fall the  
author of Hmisc, Frank Harrell, seemed surprise his package did not  
compile on Mac and I think he'd help fix this if someone more  
knowledgeable than me told him where the problem lies.



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