[R-SIG-Mac] minor problems with R 2.1 or recent R gui

Denis Chabot chabotd at globetrotter.net
Sun May 15 04:56:16 CEST 2005

Hi Rob,

To answer your question, my preference would be the 3rd option.  
Settings for colors, including background color and transparency, in  
the Console preferences should be for the console only. Similar  
settings could be added to the Editor preferences. I'd like to keep  
my console looking different from editor windows. But this is a lower  
priority for me than having an "undo" command that works as expected,  
instead of bringing my back several steps.

Le 14 mai 2005 à 22:51, Rob J Goedman a écrit :

> Hi Denis,
>> One small thing: in preferences there is an item called "console"  
>> but it is a bit of a deceiving title because if you change  
>> background color or transparency there, it does not just affect  
>> the console but also the editor windows.
> Correct. What would you like to see: 1) a note to let users know  
> this or 2) the option to not use the
> console background color or 3) a separate color selector for the  
> editor background?
>> Finally, I have a few questions. Since I switched to R 2.1 from  
>> 2.0 some error messages have started happening. I think these  
>> relate to R, not to the gui, but I'm not sure because the gui  
>> changed at the same time.
>> My work has been pretty focused at trying to make maps in the last  
>> week, so I'm not sure if these error messages are restricted to this.
>> If I type this in the console:
>> library(PBSmapping)
>> data(worldLLhigh)
>> plotMap(worldLLhigh)
>> I get this after the last command:
>> > plotMap(worldLLhigh)
>> 2005-05-14 17:57:51.781 R[634] -[NSBigMutableString  
>> replaceCharactersInRange:withString:] called with nil argument.  
>> For apps linked on Tiger this will raise an exception. For earlier  
>> apps it will produce this one-time warning and continue with  
>> existing behavior (which is undefined).
>> ...
>> The error message starting with "2005" and ending with  
>> "undefined)." shows up in red on my screen, and is the only kind  
>> of message in red I remember seeing on my console (default color  
>> settings). It happens almost every day now. And yes I also  
>> switched to Tiger about 1.5 weeks ago.
> Same warning message here (or indeed an exception). I'll look into  
> it. Thanks for pointing it out.
> Rob

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