[R-SIG-Mac] Command line completion, Help browser navigation buttons, Offering code changes for GUI

Byron Ellis ellis at stat.harvard.edu
Mon Jan 31 21:33:08 CET 2005

For the completion, you can just run things through complete: to get a 
drop down of completion objects (after overriding the source methods). 
Unfortunately, that might be Panther-only---I can't recall off hand.

On Jan 31, 2005, at 12:13 PM, Gregory Jefferis wrote:

> Dear Stefano, Simon et al.,
> A couple of features which I find are missing from the excellent new 
> Cocoa
> GUI are Back/Forwards navigation in the help browser (acknowledged in 
> the To
> Do list) and command completion of subvariables (eg the columns of a
> dataframe so that you can complete df$T to df$Temperature).  I have
> implemented these changes in my own source tree (derived from the 
> Nov-16
> snapshot) and wondered whether it would be possible to get them 
> integrated
> into the main source.
> I had a few additional queries about command completion (which is one 
> of the
> features that means I have almost stopped using terminal R/X11).  It 
> seems
> to me that these days object names are allowed to have underscores but 
> the
> command completion only allows numbers letters and periods.  
> Additionally I
> think it would be very useful if tab completion would display 
> completion
> options if there are >1 but < say 50.  I have something working for 
> this but
> it is not quite right yet and it will take me a bit longer to figure 
> out how
> to write to the GUI console correctly.  Is this potentially interesting
> enough that one of the developers might like to do it?
> Many thanks,
> Greg Jefferis.
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