[R-SIG-Mac] Command line completion, Help browser navigation buttons, Offering code changes for GUI

Simon Urbanek simon.urbanek at r-project.org
Mon Jan 31 21:53:24 CET 2005

On Jan 31, 2005, at 3:33 PM, Byron Ellis wrote:

> For the completion, you can just run things through complete:

That's right - it's one of my ToDo's. I had looked at the API, but 
didn't use it in the GUI yet.

> to get a drop down of completion objects (after overriding the source 
> methods). Unfortunately, that might be Panther-only---I can't recall 
> off hand.

Even if it was, that's fine as the GUI supports Panther+ only.


>> A couple of features which I find are missing from the excellent new 
>> Cocoa
>> GUI are Back/Forwards navigation in the help browser (acknowledged in 
>> the To

Right, I need to commit that at some point - I have a hot fix for one 
of the web windows ... the problem is that we have several instances 
where we use html rendering and I wanted to consolidate those such that 
you don't end up having navigation in one but not the other ... didn't 
have time for that, though :/

>> Do list) and command completion of subvariables (eg the columns of a
>> dataframe so that you can complete df$T to df$Temperature).  I have
>> implemented these changes in my own source tree (derived from the 
>> Nov-16
>> snapshot) and wondered whether it would be possible to get them 
>> integrated
>> into the main source.

Please send me a patch against whatever version you started off with. 
Chances are that it may merge with the current code, especially if only 
the completion classes are involved.

>> to write to the GUI console correctly.  Is this potentially 
>> interesting
>> enough that one of the developers might like to do it?

I suspect that the complete: API in Cocoa mentioned by Byron is 
probably the right way to go as it offers the GUI elements for free - 
we just provide the lists. I'll check that...


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