[R-SIG-Mac] Permissions still not quite right

Jussi Piitulainen jpiitula at ling.helsinki.fi
Tue Nov 23 09:46:32 CET 2004

Simon Urbanek writes:

> seems to be a bug in Apple Installer, because from
> R-GUI.pkg/Contents/Info.plist:
>         <key>IFPkgFlagOverwritePermissions</key>
>         <false/>

Ok, the problem may well be with Apple's installer. I don't know these
details. I'll add a couple of details below and leave it at that.
Sorry for the delay.

> so it shouldn't replace any existing rights. I'm pretty much at
> loss, because no package contains the Applications folder and R-GUI
> uses 0:80 as owner:group - and it's respected as you can see:
> Miraculix:~% ls -ld /Applications/R.app
> drwxrwxr-x 3 root admin 102 20 Nov 00:42 /Applications/R.app

Yes, that's what I have, too. Only /Applications was set to another
owner. One detail I omitted in my report was that I chose the
destination folder myself, so the installer did not know it was
installing in the default place. (I did this because it said it would
install in the folder "Macintosh HD" on the volume "Macintosh HD",
which is nonsense.)

Another detail that I omitted is that my system is localized to
Finnish, so I actually chose "Ohjelmat" as the destination. It's still

I don't see how these should matter, though. It was an existing
folder, with existing owner, and that owner was changed.

> In fact UID 502 is not used anywhere in any package of the R
> installer. Is your UID on that machine 502?

Yes, 502 is my admin account. I use that for installs.

> We could work around it by changing the rights in post-flight but we
> instructed AI to not change them in the first place ...

Maybe just leave it alone and people can Repair Permissions when in
doubt. Though I'd like to be able to just drag and drop R.app to
/Applications and R.framework to /Library/Frameworks.

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