[R-SIG-Mac] Help.start() issues

Simon Urbanek Simon.Urbanek at math.uni-augsburg.de
Mon Nov 17 10:58:59 MET 2003

On Nov 14, 2003, at 3:25 PM, George W. Gilchrist wrote:

> Sorry to bother folks, but what browsers are known to work for 
> help.start()
> on OS X (just installed Panther...)? I use Safari for most things, but 
> it
> does not seem to work for /usr/local/lib/R/doc/html/index.html. 
> Something
> about the Java script involved in searching does not run correctly. I 
> have
> the same problem with Netscape 7.1. The last "success" I had was with
> Netscape 7.0. Does anyone have a better suggestion?

I'm using Camino and it works perfectly out of the box ... (I just set 
it up in Apple's Internet Preferences).


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