[R-SIG-Mac] Data Import

Matthew Krachey aerotuck at mac.com
Wed Jul 9 13:14:37 MEST 2003

Hi folks, 

I'm a newcomer to this Darwin stuff, and I will admit for the last week I have regressed and switched over to using a PC's version of R 1.7.1. I am attempting to do a multinomial regression for a five leveled response variable using Harrel's Design library. As of yesterday I was able to finally get R Darwin to load the library (by retrograding to 1.7.0). 

However, I have tried data from 2 sources and cannot get either the read.table or read.csv commands to work (I've been getting a cannot open file 'Dir:crab.csv' error every time, even on files that I have opened with in Aqua with R 1.5.2) I am merely trying to transfer the files that I had build on the P.C. over to the Mac, so I can make any suggested changes to write.csv that you can recommend. Any advice will be greatly appreciated, hopefully this gets me onto R independence. 

Matthew Krachey 
M.S. Student, Fisheries Biology 
Humboldt State University 
Arcata, California

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