[R-SIG-Mac] Data Import

Stefano Iacus jago at mclink.it
Wed Jul 9 23:08:19 MEST 2003

If I understand well you have problems with paths

BTW, I suggest you to use save() instead of write table to move files 
accross platforms (event if they both work).

suppose you have datas under R for Win, say "x". use 

move this x.rda file to you Darwin R  and use load("x.rda")

I assume that the file x.rda is in your current working directory.

Some notes:
* R 1.5.2 is a VERY old release of R, R 1.7.1 is out for Windows, 
Carbon R (which you call Aqua), Darwin R etc.
* You can use R-help list for kind of questions
* please be more specific on reporting problem, otherwise we cannot be 
helpful to you


On Mercoledì, lug 9, 2003, at 21:14 Europe/Rome, Matthew Krachey wrote:

> Hi folks,
> I'm a newcomer to this Darwin stuff, and I will admit for the last 
> week I have regressed and switched over to using a PC's version of R 
> 1.7.1. I am attempting to do a multinomial regression for a five 
> leveled response variable using Harrel's Design library. As of 
> yesterday I was able to finally get R Darwin to load the library (by 
> retrograding to 1.7.0).
> However, I have tried data from 2 sources and cannot get either the 
> read.table or read.csv commands to work (I've been getting a cannot 
> open file 'Dir:crab.csv' error every time, even on files that I have 
> opened with in Aqua with R 1.5.2) I am merely trying to transfer the 
> files that I had build on the P.C. over to the Mac, so I can make any 
> suggested changes to write.csv that you can recommend. Any advice will 
> be greatly appreciated, hopefully this gets me onto R independence.
> Matthew Krachey
> M.S. Student, Fisheries Biology
> Humboldt State University
> Arcata, California
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