[R-SIG-Mac]no mouse control of aqua window

Jan de Leeuw deleeuw@stat.ucla.edu
Mon, 7 Oct 2002 09:38:55 -0700

Well, I am not so sure about that. The other similar projects that I am
aware off (Python for OS X, Aqua Tcl/Tk, and Carbon Emacs --
all from their CVS versions) all use makefiles and the command
line. In fact ProjectBuilder can be used form the command line.
All three projects are integrated in the main CVS distribution,
no special OS X distribution.

Python builds Python.framework, which contains everything
normally installed in /usr/local, plus the applications
BuildApplet, PythonIDE, PythonLauncher, and IDLE.
.usr//local only has a link to the python application in
the framework.

Tcl/Tl builds the Tcl.framework and Tk.framework, plus
the Wish Shell application. AlphaTk in addition builds
the AlphaTk editor.

Emacs build a Carbon application using makefiles, and
the wraps that in a bundle (the usual emacs files
remain in /usr/local).

Alternatively (with different configure flags) these distos
can build X11 versions, and so on. So there are models
of Makefiles available -- unfortunately it will cost some
time to unravel them.

On Monday, October 7, 2002, at 06:40 AM, Stefano Iacus wrote:

> The real problem is that apple is trying to convince all its developer  
> to use its own IDE (Project Builder and Co.) that is far from being  
> compatible with the R scripts and makefiles.
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