[R-SIG-Mac]no mouse control of aqua window

Stefano Iacus jago@mclink.it
Mon, 7 Oct 2002 15:40:52 +0200

Hy Jake,

the problem with the quartz device is that it needs an event manager 
installed and this is why I've started writing the RAqua. I'm trying to 
work it out to let R run its own event manager alone without opening 
windows, etc,as it does RAqua. There's actually a proposal inside 
R-Core to change the interal R eventloop scheme. This will simplify 
things under MacOSX too.

The fact that RAqua run smoothly only on some machines it is still 
under investigation. Apparently is something related to the OSX finder 
which expects things to be in particular places.

The real problem is that apple is trying to convince all its developer 
to use its own IDE (Project Builder and Co.) that is far from being 
compatible with the R scripts and makefiles.


On Luned́, ott 7, 2002, at 15:19 Europe/Rome, Jake Bowers wrote:

> Hi All,
> I successfully compiled R 1.6.0 for OS X 10.2.1 using the latest Apple
> Developer Tools (gcc-3.1) and the latest (cvs) fink packages (g77-3.1,
> zlib, pcre, atlas, etc..)  (with the help of Professor de Leeuw's 
> posting
> to this list). It passed all of the checks in "make check".  
> Compilation
> with "configure --with-x" enables the use of the x11()  device, which
> seems to work just fine with Orobosox.  The build compiled with 
> "configure
> --with-aqua" (either with or without "--without-x") has one problem: 
> The
> graphics device will start with quartz(), and it will display graphics
> [using, say, demo(graphics)], but the window is not accessible to my 
> mouse
> (I can't move or resize the window or bring it to the foreground, 
> etc..)
> --- nor does the quartz window appear to register in the dock.
> I also tried installing the build as RAqua (using the instructions in
> src/modules/aqua). The R gui did start, but the window wouldn't 
> respond to
> my mouse or keyboard at all. I don't plan on using the R gui (I try to 
> use
> Emacs for everything), but I mention it because it might provide more
> information to those who are working on this.
> My Mac is a Tibook 800mhz with 1GB RAM (latest model).
> Thanks for any thoughts or advice y'all may have.
> Best,
> Jake
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> Jake Bowers
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