[R-SIG-Mac]no mouse control of aqua window

Jake Bowers Jake Bowers <jbowers@csm.berkeley.edu>
Mon, 7 Oct 2002 06:19:50 -0700 (PDT)

Hi All,

I successfully compiled R 1.6.0 for OS X 10.2.1 using the latest Apple
Developer Tools (gcc-3.1) and the latest (cvs) fink packages (g77-3.1,
zlib, pcre, atlas, etc..)  (with the help of Professor de Leeuw's posting
to this list). It passed all of the checks in "make check".  Compilation
with "configure --with-x" enables the use of the x11()  device, which
seems to work just fine with Orobosox.  The build compiled with "configure
--with-aqua" (either with or without "--without-x") has one problem: The
graphics device will start with quartz(), and it will display graphics
[using, say, demo(graphics)], but the window is not accessible to my mouse
(I can't move or resize the window or bring it to the foreground, etc..)
--- nor does the quartz window appear to register in the dock.

I also tried installing the build as RAqua (using the instructions in
src/modules/aqua). The R gui did start, but the window wouldn't respond to
my mouse or keyboard at all. I don't plan on using the R gui (I try to use
Emacs for everything), but I mention it because it might provide more
information to those who are working on this. 

My Mac is a Tibook 800mhz with 1GB RAM (latest model).

Thanks for any thoughts or advice y'all may have.


Jake Bowers
Dept of Political Science
University of Michigan