[R-SIG-Mac].Rprofile in 1.3.1 (os 10.1)

David A Richmond richmond@saintmarys.edu
Thu, 8 Nov 2001 18:04:02 -0500 (EST)

	I recently switched to OS 10.1, and R1.3.1, from 8.6/1.3.0, where
I had a .Rprofile file with a .First function:

.First <- function() {

This worked in R1.3.0 on 8.6.  Upon downloading 1.3.1 into osX I moved
.Rprofile to the new R folder, but when I run it I get the following error
on startup: 
Error: syntax error: evaluating expression 0 

it doesn't matter what's in the function, if I comment out everything
inside .First I still get the error

what am I doing wrong?


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