[R-gui] Editor in R and Windows focus problems

Bob Cain arcane at arcanemethods.com
Thu Apr 29 20:45:28 CEST 2004

Duncan Temple Lang wrote:

> The Mozilla framework is now emerging as something to consider.
> The idea that wxWindows is the place to go may have been made 
> quite some time ago.
> BTW, we may have a way to greatly reduce the work to interface
> to wxWindows via automating the bindings.

Is there a connection between the Mozilla framework and
wxWindows or are the two sentences connected only by proximity?

Personally I would urge on any effort to provide full set of
wxWindows bindings since, IMHO, it has the highest
probability of becoming the cross platform standard.  The
thought had occured to me that automating the bindings might
be a possibility and I sincerely hope that avenue proves
fruitful for you.


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