[R-sig-Geo] removing internal boundaries from a spatstat window that was created from three adjacent counties

Christopher W. Ryan cryan at binghamton.edu
Fri Feb 12 23:59:33 CET 2016

In spatstat, I want to create a single window from three adjacent
counties in New York State, USA.  My original data is a shapefile,
"cty036" showing all the New York State county boundaries.  Here's what
I've done so far:

========== begin code =========

nysArea <- readOGR("C:/DATA/GeographicData", "cty036")

nysAreaUTM <- spTransform(nysArea, CRS("+proj=utm +zone=18 +ellps=GRS80
+units=m +no_defs"))

sremsAreaUTM <- subset(nysAreaUTM, NAME=="Broome" | NAME=="Tioga" |

sremsWindow <- as(sremsAreaUTM, "owin")
======== end code =============

This works pretty well, producing a 3-county owin object. But the
dividing lines between the counties are shown in the window, whenever I
plot it or plot subsequent point patterns that use the window.  In
essence, in plots it looks like 3 polygons instead of one big one. I'd
prefer not to have the inter-county boundaries be visible--I'd rather
have just one big polygon for the whole area. How can I remove them?  Or
should I create the window differently from the get-go?


Christopher W. Ryan, MD, MS

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