[R-sig-Geo] source of Bivand reference to 1986 Medicaid data

Jochen Albrecht jochen.albrecht at gmail.com
Fri Sep 25 19:36:03 CEST 2015

A student of mine, who not only carefully read Roger's chapter in Fischer &
Getis (2009) *Handbook of Applied Spatial Data Analysis* but then also
wanted to explore the code snippets, pointed out to me that a data set
referenced in that chapter does not seem to have a web presence.
Does anyone on this group know of the Medicaid 1986 program quality scores
data and where to find it on the Web? I have found later references to
others who have worked with this data, which leads me to believe that it
was originally compiled by the Public Citizen Health Research Group but
their web site search tool also has no pointers to the data itself.

"*The data set contains Medicaid program quality scores for 48 U.S.
contiguous states for 1986, here stored externally in a shapefile, and read
into a SpatialPolygonsDataFrame object*."  ..  "*The PQS variable belongs
to the medicaid object, here a SpatialPolygonsDataFrame object, and is
accessed using the $ operator.*"

> stem(medicaid$PQS, scale = 2)
> stripchart (medicaid$PQS, method = ,jitter’, vertical = TRUE)
> boxplot(medicaid$PQS)
> hist(medicaid$PQS, col = ,grey90’, freq = FALSE)
> lines(density(medicaid$PQS, bw = 15), lwd = 2)
> rug(medicaid$PQS)

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