[R-sig-Geo] Mapping multiple attributes at once

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I don't know ggplot2 well enough to answer about that, but you can use the symbols function to add symbols to an existing plot (which could be the map plotted using maps or maptools/sp etc.).  For even more control/options you could look at my.symbols or subplot in the TeachingDemos package (the help page for subplot shows an example of plotting barcharts onto a map).

For general plotting on maps interest (possibly for when you don't have a shapefile) there is the RGoogleMaps package which will help you get a map (bitmap image, not shapefile) from google or openstreetmaps plot it as the background of a plot, then add points.

Hope this helps,

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>   Hello, Matthew.
>   Just a superb complement of yours.
>   I was about to ask the same question to Pierre and Paul, after
> thanking them for the useful and functional tip. I managed to follow
> the ggplot examples, but a next step would involve plotting my interest
> points over a shape file (state contour).
>   Is that possible?
>   Best wishes,
>   Thiago.
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>  I've been following this topic with some interest, since this is
> something I might like to do fairly often.  I'm not that familiar with
> ggplot2, but it looks really useful.  Is there a way to overplot (or
> underplot) a shapefile (e.g. of coastlines) with the approach suggested
> by Paul?
> Matt
> On 8/24/2010 10:25 AM, Paul Hiemstra wrote:
> > In addition to the reply by Pierre Roudier, take a look at the
> ggplot2
> > pacakge. An example:
> >
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