[R-sig-Geo] matching points to a raster

Alexander Brenning brenning at uwaterloo.ca
Fri Jun 5 21:39:59 CEST 2009

Hi Juliane,

may I also suggest having a look at the pick.from.ascii.grid function 
(and the like) in the RSAGA package. This will use nearest neighbour 
interpolation (or, for reasonably small grids, may also use an ad hoc 
local kriging interpolation) to pick grid values (from grids with 
numeric data).


There are some more suggestions in the R-sig-geo archives:



I hope this helps

> Struve, Juliane wrote:
>> Dear list,
>> I am trying to incoporate spatial information (for example distance) 
>> into a movement model by reading an ascii -b converted raster and 
>> matching the raster with points of a movement path (for example 
>> fishmove$coord[fishmove$day==1]. Below is a section of my code to 
>> explain the problem. This code does not work because the coordinates 
>> of the movement path are not the same as those in the raster. Rounding 
>> the coordinates does not seem to solve the problem. Maybe the closest 
>> point would have to be found, but i am not sure how to approach this.  
>> Is there another perhaps easier way ?
>> Dist_DF=data.frame(readAsciiGrid("distance.txt"))
>> Dist_shoreDF$coord = paste(round(Dist_DF$s1),round(Dist_DF$s2),sep=",")
>> names(Dist_DF)[1]="Dist"
>> Dist_DF$Dist[Dist_shoreDF$coord==fishmove$coord[fishmove$day==1]]
>> I would be grateful for any help.
>> Many thanks,
>> Juliane

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