[R-SIG-Finance] Portfolio optimization & PCA

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There is a lot of work on using PCA to reduce the correlation matrix.

It has been a very long time, since I did such work however...

Most do PCA and then to an promax rotation to make the resulting factor set
orthogonal. Also some using a sample technique such as EM to build the correlation
Matrix rather than do it all at once. 

Try a search on EM Applications. That firm has done such work. 
Also these 2 papers might be of interest.

This search string in google returns plenty: "promax rotation factor analysis"

Hope this helps a bit!


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I have a portfolio of securities that I like to determine the optimal
asset allocation using something simple as Markowitz (Mean-Variance). I
have the problem that some of the securities in the portfolio are highly
correlated. I would like to reduce my security set, or covariance matrix
before running the optimization, using something like PCA or clustering.
I was wondering if someone has done any work that might shed some like
on the process.? Is there piece of literature that some one can


Jorge Nieves

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