[R-sig-finance] JOB: S-PLUS/R Finance Consultant...

Martin Maechler maechler at stat.math.ethz.ch
Thu Nov 24 15:30:39 CET 2005

Since people have asked for it, let me have "my say" as list maintainer:

As long as such posting are really rare, we have accepted them,
as "of wider interest to R users", on the R lists


1) we would like really short e-mails with a link to a website
   for more details.

2) We request that the advertizers are informed about the
   posting guide, and hence

 2a) I'd rather be frowning to see "text + HTML" add postings.

 2b) Crossposting {sending things to more than one R list specifically},
     seems impolite.


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