[R-sig-Debian] SOLVED- Re: help installing R on Linux Mint 21.2

Luben Dimov |uben@d|mov @end|ng |rom gm@||@com
Tue Jan 2 05:16:27 CET 2024


Tank you for your response this late in the day. I had Debian, but
couldn't get it to work on my new work computer (and can't get Linux
help from our IT), hence Linux Mint now. 

Because of the issues you mentioned  with Posit, and others, I have
been thinking about using Emacs instead of RStudio for R. I have not
ever used Emacs before, but because I am not yet a proficient user of R
and R Studio, I wonder if my time is better spent learning how to use R
on Emacs instead of on R Studio. I wonder what your thoughts are on

Thanks again!

On Mon, 2024-01-01 at 22:06 -0600, Dirk Eddelbuettel wrote:
> Luben,
> I am glad to hear you sorted it out.  As far as I can tell there are
> two or
> three issues here:
> - you are on Mint which is not 'officially' support by posit
> (Debian/Ubuntu are)
> - the installation instructions have said for a decade+ to download
> the .deb
>   and then install it with gdebi (iirc) which pulls dependencies in
> - that still sucks: it is 2023 and it is time we shame posit into
> support and
>   apt repo: some of us have built informal apt repos, this is the way
> go.  I
>   also get chrome, spotify, brave, code, dropbox, docker, syncthing,
> .... that
>   way, there is no reason whatsoever posit could not support that
> either.
> Cheers, Dirk

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