[R-sig-Debian] Unable to install R 3.1.2 on Debian:Testing

Johannes Ranke jranke at uni-bremen.de
Sun Jan 18 20:47:49 CET 2015

Dear Carl,

the CRAN repository does not support Debian testing. I did think of adding support for jessie, 
as it is frozen now, but did not get around to do it yet.

I believe you would have no problem when using Debian stable.

Am Freitag, 16. Januar 2015, 21:44:25 schrieb Carl Boettiger:
> Dear Johannes, R-sig-debian list,
> Along with Dirk Eddelbuettel I've been maintaining Debian-based Docker
> containers for R. Recently our container installing r-base has started to
> fail. This seems to be due to a problem with the libjpeg dependencies. The
> example I show below was working with debian:jessie on Jan 5th, but has
> been failing since then.  (https://registry.hub.docker.com/u/rocker/r-base/
> )
> From a vanilla install of debian:testing (or jessie or squeeze) I add the

Well, testing and jessie are the same. For squeeze you would have to add squeezecran 

> CRAN repository for the latest R version for debian, and then I then try to
> install `r-base-core` 3.1.2:

> Note that `apt-cache show r-base-core` shows three versions are available:

I should clean this up - generally I only have the latest released version in the repository.

> 3.1.2~wheezycran3.0, 3.1.1+b2, and 3.1.0~wheezycran3.0, and that the
> `wheezycran3.0` versions (e.g. R 3.1.2 and 3.1.0) cannot be installed
> because they depend on libjpeg8, which is not available, while 3.1.1
> depends on libjpeg62-turbo-dev.
> I'm not sure why the libjpeg dependency has changed or how to address this
> so that I can install r-base=3.1.2 on Debian.

At the moment you are on your own with R 3.1.2 on jessie. The easiest safe bet in my opinion 
would be to install from the Debian sources in unstable, i.e. add a deb-src entry for unstable 
to your sources.list, do an apt-get build-dep r-base and then apt-get source --build r-base 
and install the packages with dpkg.

> Thanks for your help,
> Carl

Hope it helps.


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