[R-sig-Debian] Simple question from a simple(minded) user: where to go cran2deb or .../debian lenny-cran/

Petar Milin pmilin at ff.uns.ac.rs
Wed Feb 24 09:27:20 CET 2010

Hello ALL!
I just put fresh Debian testing on my new laptop. A while ago I have
used it, but in meantime I used Ubuntu. Now, I wonder should I go for:
or simply:
deb http://<favorite-cran-mirror>/bin/linux/debian lenny-cran/
and then simply using something like:
apt-get -t unstable install r-base r-base-dev

Question is which should be prefered? And, is there an option for:
apt-get -t testing install r-base r-base-dev

cran2deb offers exactly testing, as far as I undersood.

Thanks in advance,

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