[R-sig-Debian] No fonts control on Cairo in batch mode

Christian Kamenik christian.kamenik at giub.unibe.ch
Thu Dec 16 13:19:50 CET 2010

Dear all,

I've sent this question to the r-help mailing list, but maybe it is 
better suited for the r-sig-debian mailing list, although this is not 
Debian (but still Linux):

I am using Cairo version 1.4-5 for plotting R graphs on a Gentoo system 
that does not have X11 installed. I have full control on the fonts when 
running R in interactive mode. But when running R in batch mode I cannot 
change e.g. font size. Letters (including symbols) are, however, drawn.

I am exporting the following environemntal variables when running R in 
batch mode to point to pkgconfig, which is used by Cairographics, and 
which I installed in a non-standard local.

export PATH="$HOME/software/bin:$PATH"

Any help would be highly appreciated, Christian

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University of Bern

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