[R-sig-Debian] Running R in Ubuntu...really basic..sorry

Vera, Pedro L. pvera at health.usf.edu
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I meant to send a reply to this post to the list, but because I didn't pay attention, it just went to the original poster. I apologize for that. Here's my post:

I've been running R in linux (Antix; a MEPIS derivative; Debian Unstable) for some time now without any problems (even from the terminal window). Recently though, I've switched to vim (a very useful text editor) which can be made (with a use of a plugin) to call up an R window and send commands (actually entire blocks of commands) to R. I've been very impressed with this option and I would recommend it. Unfortunately, there's a learning curve (almost as steep as R's) for vim as well. However, I think the results are well worth the effort.

I hope this helps.

Best regards,

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Hi, I've actually run R quite a bit in Windows.  I've had a release
8.04 of Ubuntu running a laptop for 3 days now.  After struggling for
much of that time to install R, I finally figured out that Dell
shipped with the sources.list obsolete or just plain wrong.  So I
finally got it installed last night (for some reason v2.6.2, not
v2.9.x).  This morning I was able to download and install the
LearnBayes package.  My biggest problem right now is that I don't know
how to run R except as a local-directory command in the Terminal.
Certain R commands cause the terminal to go into some changed state
and not take any more commands.  Right now for example I ahve a last
line that is darkened in over (END) and it's sitting there. Any

Oh, if you suspect something in your sources.list (specific to Dell)
email ma and I'll explain.  Thanks.  Room533

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