[R-sig-Debian] info files

Dirk Eddelbuettel edd at debian.org
Fri Mar 14 15:18:42 CET 2008

On 14 March 2008 at 09:25, tyler wrote:
| Thanks! I haven't used dpkg before, that's quite handy. The info files

Off-topic hint: Install 'wajig', a wonderful front-end command-line tool
(which a matching gui caleld 'jig') to dpk, apt-get, apt-cache, aptitude,
... and a number of other packages.  When you get used to wajig you no longer
have to remember which of the gazillion little Debian helper did what :)

It's by Graham Williams who also wrote the rather impressve 'rattle'
front-end to a number of data-mining apps in R.  Rattle is not in Debian

Glad to hear you're getting your file confusion sorted out. It is easy to mix
this up, as it is easy to accidentally mix CRAN packages via direct
installation and Debian installation (though at least that doesn't mess up
any indices). 

Regards, Dirk

Three out of two people have difficulties with fractions.

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