[R-sig-Debian] R CMD javareconf in r-base-dev 2.6.0

Dirk Eddelbuettel edd at debian.org
Wed Oct 3 22:45:05 CEST 2007

Hi Johannes,

On 3 October 2007 at 22:23, Johannes Ranke wrote:
| Hi Dirk, hi list,
| I just ran into a slight problem while building the recommended packages
| for CRAN in a chroot environment against the fresh backport of your R
| 2.6.0 packages. It seems that R CMD javareconf wants to change files in

You are ahead of me, as this hook is to be used by rJava and CRAN packages
using rJava.  I actually haven't used it yet, as I didn't get around to
putting it in, and the testing it. So far only step 1 has been done :)

[ The idea is to have the ability of building jar archvies using tools from
Debian main.  Users can then switch to Sun's or IBM's Java (which the buildd
cannot depend on for lack of freeness) and things still work, according to
Simon who knows R and Java inside out. ]

| /etc/R during the build, and since I am not building the packages as
| root in my etch chroot, this fails, even if I am using fakeroot. My

Hm, I am confused.  Do you build manually in the chroot?  Or do you use
pbuilder?  I don't think my pbuilder has gij and hence /usr/bin/java.  But
then you are rebuilding for testing so things ought to be different....

| workaround was to simply remove gij-4.1 from the chroot, so
| /usr/bin/java is not found any more.

Sounds like exactly the right solution.  Hope it is not too much of a bother.


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