[R-sig-Debian] separate window for help/newbie

Dirk Eddelbuettel edd at debian.org
Tue Nov 13 17:56:38 CET 2007


On 13 November 2007 at 18:32, Adrian Dusa wrote:
| Dear Johannes,
| On Tuesday 13 November 2007, Johannes Ranke wrote:
| > [...]
| > if you have the line
| >
| > 	options("browser"="kfmclient newTab")
| >
| > in your .Rprofile, you will have a tabbed help browser at now extra
| > cost after calling help.start() :)
| There is an option for browser in Renviron (R-2.6.0 under Kubuntu):
| R_BROWSER=${R_BROWSER-'sensible-browser'}

Yes, that is a compile-time default I set given that Debian / Ubuntu have the
usual 'default' of the sensible-brower wrapper.   What Johannes does is to
simply override this choice to something he likes better.
| I tried changing "sensible-browser" to "kfmclient newTab", but it does not 
| perform anything different (it does not open Konqueror in a new tab).
| I even tried creating .Rprofile, but I cannot replicate your outcome.
| In R (restarted), typing ?somefunction will still present the help in the 
| terminal...

I suspect you misunderstood this:  "browser" is for the web browser, and only
affects help.start() et al.  What you are looking for is 


as that is used to 'page' the help output.  And I just tried this, so if you do

	options("pager"="kfmclient newTab")

any subsequent call for help will go to Konqueror and R even makes that explicit:

   > ?help
   Help for ‘help’ is shown in browser kfmclient newTab ...
           help("help", htmlhelp = FALSE)
          options(htmlhelp = FALSE)
   to revert.

And this is of course more general than what Johannes said: It'll work
whereever Konqueror is installed, and not just on Kubuntu.  [ Or so I hope,
my test right now was done under Kubuntu Gutsy. ]

Hope this helps,  Dirk

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