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Sat Jun 2 23:30:45 CEST 2018

Dear R Users,
The gestalt package (0.1.1) has been published on CRAN:

It provides a suite of function-building tools centered around a
(forward) composition operator, '%>>>%', which extends the semantics
of the magrittr '%>%' operator and supports tidyverse quasiquotation.
Aside from making your functions more modular, the main benefit of
'%>>>%' is its ability to make composite functions that can be
inspected and transformed as list-like objects.

As an illustration, you can sample, capitalize, and join (character)
vectors with the following composite function:

  draw <- sample %>>>% toupper %>>>% paste(collapse = "")
  draw(letters, 5)
  #> [1] “GJNUE"

But because the composite function 'draw()' is list-like, you can also
inspect its intermediate results using a standard map-reduce strategy:

  stepwise <- lapply(`%>>>%`, print) %>>>% compose
  stepwise(draw)(letters, 5)
  #> [1] "g" "j" "n" "u" "e"
  #> [1] "G" "J" "N" "U" "E"
  #> [1] "GJNUE"

In conjunction with '%>>>%', a compact function constructor, 'fn()',
and a function that performs partial application, 'partial()', are
also provided. Both support quasiquotation.

Learn more from

- the landing page of the source repository:

- the package vignette, which gives an overview through examples:

Bug reports and other feedback are welcome at the GitHub issues page:

Eugene Ha

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