[R-pkg-devel] R package submission fails due to mathjaxr package

Marc Scherstjanoi m@rc@@cher@tj@no| @end|ng |rom thuenen@de
Fri Jun 18 22:22:14 CEST 2021


I am about to sumbmit an R package. 

It passed the
"R CMD check /package... --as-cran --no-manual"
but not the
"R CMD check /package... --as-cran".

Our way of presenting mathematical equations by using the mathjaxr package seems to be not supported. 
As a result, building pdf fails automatically.

We have already been aware of that and would like to submit the
package manual pdf separately.

How can this be done?
Can our submission work without the rd to pdf process?
Or is there a way to include the mathjaxr style for the texing?

Thank you in advance,


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