[R-pkg-devel] WARNING: A complete check needs the 'checkbashisms' script.

Rodrigo Tobar rtob@r @end|ng |rom |cr@r@org
Wed Aug 12 08:28:29 CEST 2020

Hi Brian,

On 12/8/20 10:21 am, brian knaus wrote:
> [...] It sounds like I can assume that CRAN machines will have 
> ```checkbashisms``` installed where necessary 

That's my reading, yes.

> and handle this appropriately when not?

I don't think you need to handle this at all. As you experimented, 
simply removing your otherwise empty configure script should suffice.

> And that users will not try to use R CMD check 
> --as-cran?

Note that by default (i.e., without --as-cran) the check is not 
included. The documentation for _R_CHECK_BASHISMS_ reads "... Default: 
false (but true for CRAN submission checks except on Windows).". Adding 
--as-cran effectively turns that check on.

Having said that, users can still run checks with --as-cran, but they 
would need to be aware that it requires certain infrastructure to run 
those checks. That's true for all packages though, not only yours, so I 
don't think you need to specially worry about it.



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