[R-pkg-devel] Note: information on .o files is not available / Found '_exit', possibly from '_exit' (C)

Fabio Sigrist |@b|o@|gr|@t @end|ng |rom gm@||@com
Fri Jul 17 11:25:40 CEST 2020

Dear all,

I am trying to get an R package with C++ code on CRAN and I have one NOTE
remaining, for which I can't find a solution:

Note: information on .o files for x64 is not available
    Found '_exit', possibly from '_exit' (C)
    Found 'abort', possibly from 'abort' (C), 'runtime' (Fortran)
    Found 'exit', possibly from 'exit' (C), 'stop' (Fortran)
    Found 'printf', possibly from 'printf' (C)

As much as I search through my code, I can't find the place / headers where
these calls / symbols originate. Also, I have no idea how to add
information on .o files (apart from the shared library, there are no .o
files). The .tar.gz file for the package can be found on
https://github.com/fabsig/GPBoost/blob/master/gpboost_0.2.0.tar.gz. Note
that the shared library is compiled using install.libs.R (this is a
deliberate choice) and the flag "GPB_R_BUILD" is set when compiling for the
R package (I have tried to put "#ifndef GPB_R_BUILD" around all headers
that could cause the problems with exit / abort calls, but apparently I
have not been able to find all).

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Best regards,
Fabio Sigrist

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