[R-pkg-devel] package submission rejected "checking CRAN incoming feasibility ... NOTE"

RAFFELSBERGER Wolfgang (IGBMC) w@r@||e|@berger @end|ng |rom un|@tr@@|r
Thu May 14 20:02:35 CEST 2020

Dear expeRts, 

when trying to submit a new package of mine, my submission was rejected during automic incoming checks. 
In fact on Windows it says Status: 1 NOTE 
This note says: 
* checking CRAN incoming feasibility ... NOTE
Maintainer: 'Wolfgang Raffelsberger <w.raffelsberger using unistra.fr>'

New submission 
On my previous submissions I always had this message and it never posed a problem. 
When reading up on this issue I also find no suggestions how to avoid or explanations what problem this reflects to, see [ https://stackoverflow.com/questions/23829978/checking-cran-incoming-feasibility-note-maintainer | https://stackoverflow.com/questions/23829978/checking-cran-incoming-feasibility-note-maintainer ] . 

Automatic checking on Debian also lists a second NOTE concerning the presence of files not directly related to my package : 
* checking for detritus in the temp directory ... NOTE
Found the following files/directories:
  ‘calibre_4.99.5_tmp_4_1f_nbo’ ‘calibre_4.99.5_tmp_94i_sjvs’
  ‘calibre_4.99.5_tmp_l2if0v8a’ ‘calibre_4.99.5_tmp_oxc2vtjx’
Status: 2 NOTEs 

These packages seem to be related to files generated during the automatic checks... 

What do you suggest ? 
Thank's in advance, 

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