[R-pkg-devel] Package submission failed with two warnings

FARSHAD TABASINEJAD |@r@h@d@t@b@@|nej@d @end|ng |rom @u@@energy@com
Fri May 15 06:46:29 CEST 2020

Dear R-package-devel experts,

This is the first time I’m writing to this platform about a package I recently submitted to CRAN (my first package).
While the package is already available on CRAN, I still must fix a few warnings and one error as reported on the CRAN package check results page:

I recently resubmitted a modified version of the package to CRAN, however, it didn’t pass the automatic incoming checks. 

Windows:  https://win-builder.r-project.org/incoming_pretest/Rpvt_0.1.0_20200512_051950/Windows/00check.log
Status: 1 WARNING

Debian:  https://win-builder.r-project.org/incoming_pretest/Rpvt_0.1.0_20200512_051950/Debian/00check.log
Status: 2 WARNINGs

1) The first warning that appears on both Windows and Debian results is “Insufficient package version (submitted: 0.1.0, existing: 0.1.0)”.

Since the package is conditionally available on CRAN, do I need to modify the package version to 0.1.1 to get rid of this warning?
Is there any way to fix this problem with the current version of the package(0.1.0)?

2) The second problem appears on the Debian test results:
    * checking re-building of vignette outputs ... [8s/8s] WARNING 
    Error(s) in re-building vignettes: 
    --- re-building ‘Rpvt.Rmd’ using rmarkdown 
    pandoc-citeproc: Error in $: Incompatible API versions: encoded with [1,20] but attempted to decode with [1,17,5,4].
    CallStack (from HasCallStack): 
    error, called at ./Text/Pandoc/JSON.hs:111:48 in pandoc-types- 5tHZ3B61A58JaKOMxwGQR4:Text.Pandoc.JSON 
    Error running filter /usr/bin/pandoc-citeproc: 
    Filter returned error status 1 
    Error: processing vignette 'Rpvt.Rmd' failed with diagnostics: 
    pandoc document conversion failed with error 83 --- 
    failed re-building ‘Rpvt.Rmd’ 
    SUMMARY: processing the following file failed: 
    Error: Vignette re-building failed. 
    Execution halted

I’ve created this package on a Windows operating system with no problem in creating the ‘Rpvt.Rmd’ file as is the case with the CRAN tests on x86_64-w64-mingw32 (64-bit).
Why does it fail to create the “Rpvt.Rmd” file on x86_64-pc-linux-gnu (Debian)? Is this something related to the citation style of the library.bib file that I’ve used in my vignettes folder? It is the “apa-6th-edition.csl” file downloaded from https://raw.githubusercontent.com/citation-style-language/styles/master/apa-6th-edition.csl

Thank you in advance!


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