[R-pkg-devel] checks on CRAN notes 'examples_i386', but checks elsewhere do not

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Fri Jun 7 09:31:42 CEST 2019

It looks like you get the note when you run the check on the package directory, rather than on the tarball of the package. Undoubtedly, you submitted the tarball towinbuilder. develops::check also first builds the package and then does the flecks on the tarball.

If unwanted files do creep into the tarball, use file.Rbuildignore to tell the builder not to include them.

 Georgi Boshnakov 

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Subject: [R-pkg-devel] checks on CRAN notes 'examples_i386', but checks elsewhere do not

Hi All,

This is my first time submitting a package to CRAN, and posting here. I
hope I get everything right.

Checks ran by CRAN for Windows systems generated a note that I don't know
where to start to solve:

* checking for non-standard things in the check directory ... NOTE
Found the following files/directories:
  examples_i386 examples_x64 lacunaritycovariance-Ex_i386.Rout
  lacunaritycovariance-Ex_x64.Rout tests_i386 tests_x64

This note was not generated when I uploaded the package directly to
winbuilder in either release or development versions of R.
It also wasn't generated when I ran devtools::check() on my own (unix) computer.

The results of the CRAN check can be seen here for another few days:
The check log containing the above note is here:
The package source can bee seen here:

I haven't noticed a solution discussed earlier on this email list and
web searching gave me no joy. I am hoping you can help!


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