[R-pkg-devel] checks on CRAN notes 'examples_i386', but checks elsewhere do not

Kassel Hingee k@@@e|@h|ngee @end|ng |rom re@e@rch@uw@@edu@@u
Fri Jun 7 06:35:33 CEST 2019

Hi All,

This is my first time submitting a package to CRAN, and posting here. I
hope I get everything right.

Checks ran by CRAN for Windows systems generated a note that I don't know
where to start to solve:

* checking for non-standard things in the check directory ... NOTE
Found the following files/directories:
  examples_i386 examples_x64 lacunaritycovariance-Ex_i386.Rout
  lacunaritycovariance-Ex_x64.Rout tests_i386 tests_x64

This note was not generated when I uploaded the package directly to
winbuilder in either release or development versions of R.
It also wasn't generated when I ran devtools::check() on my own (unix) computer.

The results of the CRAN check can be seen here for another few days:
The check log containing the above note is here:
The package source can bee seen here:

I haven't noticed a solution discussed earlier on this email list and
web searching gave me no joy. I am hoping you can help!


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