[R-pkg-devel] using package data in package code

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Fri Jun 7 14:33:26 CEST 2019

Dear Duncan,

Thank you very much!

> For data, the sysdata.rda file is the easiest solution.  It's for data
> that is used by the functions in the package, not user-visible.  Just
> put x into that file in the package/R directory to make use of it.
> You don't need a two-pass solution.  As long as the sysdata.rda file
> stays unmodified, x will be available for code in the package to use as
> it sees fit, without any special handling.  (If x is created from
> complicated source code that changes regularly, I'd go with one of my
> earlier suggestions.)

This is exactly the approach I tried first. In my naive mind, this
looks to be the most
natural way, and I thought it SHOULD work. However, it did not work on
my computer...,
and that is why I started to invent ugly work-arounds...

Please see attached a minimal example to reproduce the error message:
object 'x' not found.

Thank you very much!

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