Vignette timing out on test server

Roy Mendelssohn - NOAA Federal roy@mende|@@ohn @end|ng |rom no@@@gov
Wed Apr 17 02:41:21 CEST 2019

Hi All:

The package I am trying to get ready for submission has a Vignette that does a number of data downloads and some complicate maps with satellite images.  While it knits on my computer,  on checks it times out.  I am looking for ways to speed it up,  but my question is, is  there a command or a way to profile a vignette as it knits to  have a record to see which chunks are using up how much time?

I realize CRAN only runs the vignette code to check that it runs, but it must have a time limit because I am consistently hitting time outs on test machines.  So ti would help me if I can identify where all the time is.



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