[R-pkg-devel] R CMD check halts on @example in shiny::runApp()

L Rutter lind@@y@nnerutter @ending from gm@il@com
Mon Nov 19 08:49:14 CET 2018

Hello all:

R CMD check does not complete for my package and halts at the line "*
checking examples ..." I suspect the halting is due to @examples
hanging in certain R/foo.R files, where shiny::runApp() is called for
a shiny app located in a separate directory in this type of format:

appDir <- system.file("shiny-examples", "plotLitreApp", package = "bigPint")
shiny::runApp(appDir, display.mode = "normal")

I suspect this is the problem because I previously had \dontrun{}
around my @examples that used shiny apps and R CMD check worked fine.
When I run the example code for these shiny apps directly into R, the
shiny app works no problem. An example of one such R/foo.R file
causing this hanging problem is located in the developing package at:


Any advice on how to successfully use the @examples for this script
and not halt R CMD check would be much appreciated!

Thank you!...

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