[R-pkg-devel] nativeRoutines error when using roxygen2 in RStudio

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Fri Nov 2 08:33:56 CET 2018

Try installing the latest development version of roxygen2, if you are not using it already.
There was a bug in the released version preventing installation in some cases. 
If you don't want to use development version of roxygen2,
try putting all filenames in the Collate field in DESCRIPTION on one line and make sure that there is a single space
between them. This should work if your problem is what I think.

By the way, in such cases you will get more informative messages if you run devtools::check(). 

Georgi Boshnakov              

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Subject: [R-pkg-devel] nativeRoutines error when using roxygen2 in RStudio

Since a few weeks (after updating R-devel and Rtools) I get the
following error when trying to build a package or document it, when
using roxygen2 in RStudio:

In R CMD INSTALL Error in nativeRoutines[[lib]] <- routines : object
'nativeRoutines' not found Calls: suppressPackageStartupMessages ...
withCallingHandlers -> <Anonymous> -> load_all -> load_dll Execution halted

When I disable roxygen2, I do not get this error, but of course the
documentation is not created.

I have installed the latest versions of RStudio, Rtools, R-devel,
roxygen2, pkgload, but the problem persists.

Does anybody have a clue what is causing this? I am using Windows 10,
and the package contains Fortran code.

Kind regards,
Rampal Etienne

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