[R-pkg-devel] nativeRoutines error when using roxygen2 in RStudio

Rampal Etienne r@mp@letienne @ending from gm@il@com
Thu Nov 1 23:40:56 CET 2018

Since a few weeks (after updating R-devel and Rtools) I get the 
following error when trying to build a package or document it, when 
using roxygen2 in RStudio:

In R CMD INSTALL Error in nativeRoutines[[lib]] <- routines : object 
'nativeRoutines' not found Calls: suppressPackageStartupMessages ... 
withCallingHandlers -> <Anonymous> -> load_all -> load_dll Execution halted

When I disable roxygen2, I do not get this error, but of course the 
documentation is not created.

I have installed the latest versions of RStudio, Rtools, R-devel, 
roxygen2, pkgload, but the problem persists.

Does anybody have a clue what is causing this? I am using Windows 10, 
and the package contains Fortran code.

Kind regards,
Rampal Etienne

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