[R-pkg-devel] Questions about making a database package (Rpolyhedra)

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Wed Jun 27 22:22:09 CEST 2018

By now, we are on that situation: +- 150 polyhedra published.
But +800 able to publish and because of package size cannot publish all of

It is not a problem on github, it's a problem on CRAN, with building (fixed
testing timing with simple sample techniques) timing. I would like to hear
more from experienced package developers about this issues, but we seemed
to found a solution.

We decided to make another github repo RpolyhedraDB. When you install the
package, it downloads the database from the correct tag marked in the data
folder of the package in a home directory of the user. So package will be
minimal for CRAN, will be RR and will install database on first use (In
case of TRAVIS or other qa/continuous integration, it will install it of
course). It will be possible to setup different DB size using the TAGS, in
case we find it preferable to the users.

Best, Ale.

2018-03-29 4:43 GMT-03:00 Berry Boessenkool <berryboessenkool using hotmail.com>:

> I assume you cannot simply reduce the 150 to a few for demonstration
> purposes?
> I have seen people using DRAT packages on github for data, but gh is
> limited in size restrictions as well...
> No expert in this, but maybe this helps a little bit...
> Berry
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> Hello group:
> We released Rpolyhedra V0.2 last month. It is able to scrape +800 polyhedra
> definitions from public sources. At V0.2.4 we are publishing only 150
> because the time needed for scrape all the polyhedra, testing and the
> resulting size of the package. The difference is a configuration in zzz.R,
> very simple to change (Who wants to try it, can build the package for
> themeselves)
> Only the source files of polyhedra definitions are +12MB of size (We are
> including it in the data folder for package self suficience).
> But we have doubts about good practices for publishing a database package.
> We think the solution is to split the package in an internal
> Rpolyhedra-lib, opensource but not in CRAN, and Rpolyhedra with a catalog
> sewhich enables to connect with that repo for downloading scraped polyhedra
> on-demand.
> We have to think further the way of connecting both repositories, but
> before touching any code, want to listen to experienced package developers
> and the community in general, about to do this.
> Do you know any package with analog behavior than this package? We didn't
> find it.
> Best, Ale.
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