[R-pkg-devel] Fwd: R CMD check and strange ## Not run strings

Duncan Murdoch murdoch.duncan at gmail.com
Wed Dec 20 00:30:49 CET 2017

On 19/12/2017 5:20 PM, Georgi Boshnakov wrote:
> Sure, but \dontrun's function is to prevent the R tools from running the enclosed code.
> How it is rendered is a completely separate matter.  The code in \dontrun is  not required to be executable (or even valid R code), so surely there should be some sort of visual clue in the rendered page. I don't argue whether it should be the one shown now or should be left entirely to the package author, although the current one seems reasonable to me.

What you say in no way contradicts what Hadley said.  He's complaining 
about your earlier message blaming roxygen for this.  He's right, this 
isn't a roxygen issue, it's a general R help page issue.  However:

I'm finding it quite amazing that this thread has gone on as long as it 
has.  I think you suggested that package authors should add comments to 
their code explaining why they asked not to run some lines.  That's such 
a sensible suggestion that it should have ended the thread.

Duncan Murdoch

> Georgi
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>> This actually is not about Rd format. Indeed, you are using   'roxygen' syntax.
> This is unrelated to roxygen. \dontrun{} is Rd formatting.
> Hadley

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