[R-pkg-devel] \Sexpr{} expressions but no 'build/partial.rdb' file

MTurgeon maxime.turgeon at mail.mcgill.ca
Wed Jul 26 04:13:39 CEST 2017

Hi Phil,

As you said yourself, if you can't reproduce the message locally, it 
will be difficult to fix. But maybe the following will help: I looked at 
your Github repository, Tand it seems the only changes that were made to 
your files in the man/ directory since your successful release of 
mirtCAR 1.5 to CRAN is the doi's that you added. In particular, you're 
using the macro \doi. As explained in WRE 
since R 3.2.0 users can define their own Latex-like macros to be used in 
the documentation files. I don't know how to fix your error, but I would 
look into that first. Maybe it's a matter of a missing dependency (e.g. 
one of the base packages), maybe you need to add an extra file to your 
package when you use macros. But it still doesn't explain why the error 
doesn't appear on all/most platforms...

Hope my comments help,


On 2017-07-25 02:42 PM, Phil Chalmers wrote:
> Hi all,
> First time posting here, so hopefully I'm following the correct etiquette.
> I recently received the error:
> "Package has help file(s) containing build-stage \Sexpr{} expressions but
> no 'build/partial.rdb' file."
> when submitting a package to CRAN (source code: https://github.com/
> philchalmers/mirtCAT). However, I'm having difficulty reproducing the exact
> problem on my Windows and Linux computers with the latest R dev version
> (2017-07-25 r72968). Moreover, I don't really understand the issue, as I do
> not use \Sexpr{} anywhere in the package.
> After a quick search, I found a link on SO (https://stackoverflow.com/
> questions/32357637/two-note-messages-from-r-cmd-check-as-cran), but it does
> not appear too helpful as far as I can tell (I don't explicitly use
> \package_____() commands anywhere). Can anyone shed some light on this
> warning and my difficulty in reproducing the message? Thank you in advance.
> Phil
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