[R-pkg-devel] directory for non-checked vignettes

Jonathan Callahan jonathan at mazamascience.com
Mon Jul 6 19:29:58 CEST 2015

We have a package for which we'd like to write a number of vignettes.

The purpose of the MazamaSpatialUtils package is to make it easy to
download, convert and use large amounts of spatial data. Because of the
nature of this data it is 1) unreasonable to include it in the package and
2) unreasonable to download and convert data in any examples or vignettes
that need to pass R CMD check.

But we would love to include several vignettes that demonstrate to users
how to work with this package and the near-infinite amount of spatial data
on the web. My question is:

Where can we put .Rmd files so that they will 1) be available to package
users and 2) not run during R CMD check?

Here is what doesn't work:

 * vignettes -- NOPE, gets run during R CMD check
 * demos -- NOPE, R CMD check complains of "invalid file name"

Can we trick R with something like inst/localVignettes/? But then how would
people access these?

Thanks for any suggestions.

Jonathan Callahan, PhD
Mazama Science

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