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I am requesting help for a data set in which I have 6 evaluators (I've called them 'Trainers'), each of which took a questionnaire with 180 questions. The possible answers to the questions are ordinal numbers. I am looking to test inter-rater reliability of the questionnaire using Krippendorff's alpha. I have already run this in R, however when I get the output it seems the matrix is inverted. While it seems like it should be an easy problem to fix I don't see how I would be able to create my matrix the other way without typing out all 180 scores manually. For reference, I'm using the irr package to use kripp.alpha().

> Trainers<-matrix(c(Trainer_1,Trainer_2, Trainer_3, Trainer_5, Trainer_6, Trainer_12), ncol=6)
> kripp.alpha(Trainers, method=c("ordinal"))
Krippendorff's alpha
Subjects = 6
Raters = 180
alpha = -0.00149

While I'm getting an output - shouldn't my raters be 6 and my subjects be 180?

Appreciate the help!


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