[R] Error Message when executing wordcloud(bd_clean)

Jeff Newmiller jdnewmil at dcn.davis.ca.us
Mon Oct 31 08:07:23 CET 2016

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[1] http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5963269/how-to-make-a-great-r-reproducible-example

[2] http://adv-r.had.co.nz/Reproducibility.html
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On October 29, 2016 3:07:33 PM PDT, betelguiese at gmail.com wrote:
>Hello everybody
>I am using RStudio version 0.99.903, and recently installed and loaded
>package wordcloud.  My platform is Mac OS Sierra.
>I came across the following error message when I execute the command
>> wordcloud(bd_clean)
>Error in if (min.freq > max(freq)) min.freq <- 0 :
>missing value where TRUE/FALSE needed
>In addition: Warning messages:
>1: In mclapply(unname(content(x)), termFreq, control) :
>scheduled cores 2 encountered errors in user code, all values of the
>will be affected
>2: In simple_triplet_matrix(i = i, j = j, v = as.numeric(v), nrow =
>length(allTerms), :
>NAs introduced by coercion
>I have a hunch it may have something to do with my RStudio working
>directory and the wordcloud package installed.  I created this post to
>if anybody have come across similar error before?  If so, can someone
>to shed some light to what this error means, and what are the
>available for this error.
>Thank you in advance for your responses
>Best regards
>Khairil Anuar SULONG AHMAD
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