[R] Error Message when executing wordcloud(bd_clean)

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Sun Oct 30 00:07:33 CEST 2016

Hello everybody

I am using RStudio version 0.99.903, and recently installed and loaded the
package wordcloud.  My platform is Mac OS Sierra.

I came across the following error message when I execute the command line

> wordcloud(bd_clean)
Error in if (min.freq > max(freq)) min.freq <- 0 :
missing value where TRUE/FALSE needed
In addition: Warning messages:
1: In mclapply(unname(content(x)), termFreq, control) :
scheduled cores 2 encountered errors in user code, all values of the jobs
will be affected
2: In simple_triplet_matrix(i = i, j = j, v = as.numeric(v), nrow =
length(allTerms), :
NAs introduced by coercion

I have a hunch it may have something to do with my RStudio working
directory and the wordcloud package installed.  I created this post to see
if anybody have come across similar error before?  If so, can someone help
to shed some light to what this error means, and what are the workarounds
available for this error.

Thank you in advance for your responses

Best regards

Khairil Anuar SULONG AHMAD

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