[R] hc2Newick is different than th hclust dendrogram

Jose Hleap Lozano jshleap at DAL.CA
Mon Apr 4 14:24:34 CEST 2011

Hi R helpers... I am having troubles because of the discrepancy  
between the dendrogram plotted from hclust and what is wrote in the  
hc2Newick file. I've got a matrix C:
hc <- hclust(dist(C))
with the:
both things draw completely different "trees"...

I have also tried with the raw distance matrix D and also the agnes  
function, but the same happens. The hclus and agnes dendrogram is  
logical, whereas the newick tree is not.

Thanks for any help!

PS> attached C matrix that is a 112x112 matrix
Jose Sergio Hleap Lozano, M. Sc.
Ph. D. Student, Dalhousie University
Researcher, SQUALUS Foundation

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