[R] hc2Newick is different than th hclust dendrogram

Mario Valle mvalle at cscs.ch
Tue Apr 5 04:48:23 CEST 2011

Well, I could not call them "entirely different". See attached (tree-tv 
from TreeView, tree-r from R).
Yes, I had to rotate and mirror the tree in TreeView but that's all.
And yes, I have to ignore the tree length values from the file.
Maybe it is better to post your inquiry to the Bioconductor list (from 
where hc2newick apparently arrives in package 'ctc').
Some humble suggestions:
- don't call a text file .Rdata! Rdata is a specific binary format read 
using load() and saved using save().
- add to the description of your problem how to read the data, i.e.:

z <- scan('data.Rdata')
C <- matrix(z, 112, 112, byrow=TRUE)

- add to your problem description all the packages you loaded to make 
the example work, i.e.:


Hope it helps

On 04-Apr-11 21:47, Jose Hleap Lozano wrote:
> It was... I have it in my sent box is called data.Rdata...
> I am attaching it again!
> Thanks

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